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RNA Detection

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are of increasing interest as potential biomarkers and drug targets. The ability to accurately quantify them from biofluids such as blood, urine, or saliva ("liquid biopsy") is crucial to realizing their potential in early disease detection, diagnosis, drug development, and selecting and following treatment.

SomaGenics has developed NGS library preparation and qPCR platforms that address important aspects of diagnostic detection of miRNAs

RealSeq®-AC- Small RNA Sequencing Kit enables the preparation of small RNA sequencing libraries that minimizes bias related to intramolecular RNA folding and adapter dimers. Sequencing costs will be lowered by reducing the number or irrelevant sequencing reads. More about RealSeq®-AC

miR-Direct® allows direct isolation and quantification of circulating miRNAs from plasma samples, including Heparin-containing specimens. miR-Direct™ enables the detection of low-abundant miRNAs and is an ideal tool for biomarker validation and detection. More about miR-Direct®

miR-ID® is a versatile platform that provides sensitive and highly specific quantification of low abundance small RNAs, such as microRNAs, from total RNA isolates. More about miR-ID®

Platforms under development

mRNA Analysis

resQ-RNA enables the detection of fragmented mRNAs. This technology is especially relevant for detection of degraded, cell-free, circulating mRNAs from liquid biopsies, as well as for RNA isolated from FFPE samples.

MicroRNA Sequencing

RealSeq® - T Targeted MicroRNA Sequencing Kit is a method for enrichment and targeted sequencing of selected small RNAs. The use of novel enzymes achieves a high efficiency of adapter ligation to all RNA sequences, thus eliminating ligation bias.

RealSeq® - SS miRNA Selected Suppression Kit  is a method for targeted depletion of miRNA sequences from NGS libraries. The technology improves the ability to detect low abundance miRNAs whose detection is otherwise hindered by highly abundant sequences.

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