Chronic Wound Healing

SomaGenics’ wound healing program addresses the pressing unmet medical need for the effective treatment of chronic wounds, most commonly, diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs).  Close to 25% of patients with diabetes develop foot ulcers with nearly 12% leading to amputation.  Current standard of care therapy is not effective and treatment usually requires costly extended hospital stays.  There is an immediate need for novel therapeutic strategies. 

SomaGenics’ proprietary combination sshRNA-and antimiR- based therapy targets the hypoxia response pathway which is critical to normal wound healing.  In patients with diabetes this pathway is defective and contributes to the impaired wound healing.  SomaGenics’ novel strategy targets multiple parts of the hypoxia pathway enhancing efficacy

Using layer-by-layer technology our combination therapeutic is formulated into a slow-release, degradable bandage that can be applied directly to the wound site.  In collaboration with Stanford University, we have demonstrated the ability of our combination therapy to accelerate wound healing in diabetic mice.  In these preclinical animal studies the time to wound closure was significantly improved.

SomaGenics’ wound healing therapeutic approach is applicable to non-diabetic indications such as scar reduction and burn treatment.  Please inquire for more information, or if interested in collaboration or other partnering opportunities.


sshRNA and anti-miR treatment accelerates wound closure

An optimized sshRNA (SG404) targeting PHD2 and an optimized anti-miR-210 (SG608) were formulated into layer-by-layer technology consisting of a thin film polymer coating atop a nylon woven mesh.  This formulation provides slow release of the encapsulated oligonucleotides into the wound bed over the course of 7-10 days.

Wound treatment in a diabetic mouse model showed accelerated wound closure by each inhibitor alone and in combination.


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