SomaGenics receives award or allowance of four patents covering its small RNA analysis and therapeutics

Santa Cruz, CA, December 2017 – SomaGenics Inc. expands its IP protection with three newly issued patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office covering two of the Company’s core RNA detection technologies: targeted small RNA sequencing (RealSeq®-T) and quantitative PCR analysis of RNA fragments (ResQ®), as well as SomaGenics’ therapeutic sshRNA®s. A patent covering RealSeq®-T was also allowed by the European Patent Office.

RealSeq®-T is a method for capturing targeted small RNAs (for example microRNAs or RNA fragments) directly from biofluids, cell or tissues lysates, as well as from total RNA extractions for the preparation of sequencing libraries for targeted Next-Generation Sequencing. RealSeq®-T enables users to accurately quantify small RNAs without interference of highly abundant small RNAs or adapter dimers. RealSeq®-T also incorporates SomaGenics’ proprietary technology RealSeq®-AC, which significantly reduces adapter-ligation bias in sequencing library preparations. The RealSeq®-T capture technology is covered by the newly issued US Patent No. 9,816,130 and by a patent that the European Patent Office intends to grant.

ResQTM is a technology to quantify mRNA and other large RNAs that are highly fragmented, such as RNA from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) histology samples. ResQTM enables sensitive and accurate quantification of target RNAs by real-time quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) using amplicons that are much shorter (down to 20 bp) than is typically required for RT-qPCR methods. Final steps of the ResQTM workflow incorporate SomaGenics’ patented miR-ID® technology that employs highly specific and sensitive SYBR green-based assays. The Res-QTM-specific technology is covered by the newly issued US Patent No. 9,809,847.

“These two new patents strengthen our proprietary position in small RNA analysis and will be important as we move forward with developing these technologies for clinical research and diagnostic applications,” according to Brian Johnston, Ph.D. CEO SomaGenics, Inc.

The third issued patent, US 9,816,091, broadens coverage for chemical modifications of SomaGenics’ proprietary RNAi technology, short small hairpin RNA (sshRNA®). The sshRNA® technology is the main platform used in the company's therapeutic programs in wound healing and viral hepatitis. This patent adds to SomaGenics’ considerable IP portfolio for its therapeutic technology, which includes issued patents in the United States, Europe and China. The patented modifications enhance potency and pharmacokinetic properties of the therapeutic sshRNA®s without undesirable immune stimulation.

“The modifications are a key feature in our sshRNA® design; they increase the stability of our lead molecules while maintaining optimal efficacy and reducing off-target effects”, remarked Anne Dallas, Ph.D., Principal Scientist at SomaGenics.