SomaGenics selected to present at Military Health System Research Symposium 2018

Santa Cruz, CA, August 2018 - SomaGenics, Inc. has been selected to present its work in chronic wound healing at the Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS),  August 20-23rd in Kissimmee FL.  The Company will present a talk titled, “Skin Regeneration & Scar Mitigation - Acceleration of Wound Healing with PHD2- and miR-210-targeting Oligonucleotides.”  SomaGenics was one of 300 companies selected for oral presentations from over 2000 abstracts submitted.

SomaGenics’ wound healing program is a novel combination therapy to accelerate wound healing using the Company’s proprietary synthetic short hairpin RNAi (sshRNA®) and antisense technology.   “Our RNA-based wound healing treatment modality utilizes a novel wound dressing providing slow release of two therapeutic RNAs that target separate parts of the wound healing pathway, which differentiates it from competing products,” according to Brian Johnston, Ph.D., CEO of SomaGenics.  “Our data clearly demonstrate the efficacy of these RNAs in an animal model of impaired wound healing. We are pleased that this work has been recognized by selection for oral presentation at the MHSRS,” added Dr. Johnston.

Somagenics’ sshRNAs® are highly potent RNAi triggers, with IC50’s in the low picomolar range.  sshRNAs® have distinct advantages over the more familiar siRNAs, including the fact that they consist of single chemical entities, simplifying their production and purification, and their lack of off-target effects from "passenger" strand retention.  sshRNAs® are suitable for use in many indications in addition to  wound healing.